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Glued photo prints

Photo glued to dibond from 14,99
lambda foto vergroting verlijmd op dibond
Photo print on high-quality photo paper, glued to dibond 3 mm and finished with a protective shiny or half mat laminate. Photo glued to dibond info
Photo glued behind acrylate from 21,99
Photo print glued behind 3mm acrylate optional plated with 3mm dibond. Photo glued behind acrylate info
Photo glued to aluminium from 9,99
Photoprint on high-quality photo paper, glued to aluminum and finished with a protective glossy or half-mat laminate. Photo glued to aluminium info

The glueed photo prints are of exposure quality. The lambda vaklab print is virtually pixeless, UV resistant and 100% color proof. Our printing technology takes the maximum out of every image. Print on photosensitive Fuji photo paper. Continuous tone, gridless exposure through Lambda photo light. The photo paper is developed with developer, bleach fix, flushing and drying.

High-quality photo prints can be glued to various materials:

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