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  • White wash finish or naturel
  • Smooth birch wood, no nests
  • up to 120x240 cm
  • 9 mm thicknes

Up to 25% DISCOUNT on most sold formats

Photo printing on wood has become extremely popular in recent years. For the best print result, Fotogeschenk consciously chooses to print on plywood pressed poplar wood. The big advantage of this type of wood is that it contains few knots and always has a light and flat print side.The multiplex photo panels are neatly prepared before printing. The panels are carefully cut to size by us and provided with a white ground layer on the print side.Because we print the photos on the white ground layer, any rust and flames in the wood never appear disturbing through the photo. This guarantees an optimal print result, sunlight resistant and colourfast.Plywood is suitable for many interiors: the photo on plywood has a particularly natural and warm eco look. Plywood photos from Photo Gift are available in all sizes from 9x9cm to 120x240cm. If your format is not online, you can request a price via info@photogift.euThe thickness of 9mm gives the wooden photo panel the desired strength. For easy hanging of our plywood photos, we supply a hanging bracket that is easily fixed in the back of the panel with screws. A plug with a screw in the wall is sufficient to hang the panel neatly and safely.The prints on plywood can also be supplied in various shapes, such as for example circular shape, diamond shape, hexagon shape or oval. Check out the many options on our Custom Shapes page.On request, we can print the plywood in natural color, so that the wood with knots and flames and veins under the print is clearly visible. Partial printing of an untreated natural multiplex plate is also possible. Mail for information to

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