Photogift scores 8,9 of 10 points
out of 4173 reviews
  • Warm natural appearance
  • 19 mm thick
  • Up to 120x160 cm and 100x250cm
  • With suspension brackets

Up to 25% DISCOUNT on most sold formats

Photo on pinewood gives each photo a special look. The nerve structure of the 19 mm thick pinewood gives a special warmth to the print. The 10 cm shelf width is displayed during ordering, so it is clear which lines the photo is interrupted (minimal deviation possible). With the standard transverse slats on the backside, the photo on wood floats a few centimeters of the wall. Choice of natural (white becomes wood color) or white wash (white remains white). Wood is a natural product and contains knots, so we have chosen to print whitewash as standard. If you would like to order without whitewash, please contact with us. If you want to minimize the impact of the nests, choosefor white wash. If you do not want the picture to be broken in lines,  choose for photo on multiplex(birch plywood one-piece). The photo printed on wood is suitable for classic and modern interiors.

Please note: a photo on pinewood is a natural product and works under the influence of humidity and temperature. The gaps between the planks can become larger/smaller due to shrinkage/expansion of the wood. Sizes may also differ due to various factors.

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