Photogift scores 8,9 of 10 points
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  • Photo between 3 mm plexiglas and 3 mm dibond
  • Unique depth effect, cool appearance
  • Own production
  • Delivery 5-8 business days
  • All sizes up to 200x300cm

Up to 25% DISCOUNT on most sold formats

Your photo will be printed in the highest quality on 3 mm dibond white. We glue 3 mm crystal clear plexiglass onto the dibond panel. The photo print between the plexiglass and dibond results in a special depth effect. Sunlight resistant and 100% colourfast.Plexibond is famous for its luxurious and chic appearance, suitable for any interior. Plexibond is also widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. It is easy to clean and moisture resistant.We offer the option of 4 mm plexiglass on 6 mm dibond and 6 mm plexiglass on 6 mm dibond for maximum depth effect! The 4 mm on 6 mm can be ordered online, the 6 mm on 6 mm thick can only be ordered on request, mail us for this.The plexibond developed in-house by ourselves has also been available in large format for several years. Standard plexi bond 3 mm plexiglass on 3 mm dibond is possible up to 200x300 cm. The thick variants 4 by 6 mm and 6 by 6 mm can be up to 150x300cm. The special photo roller that presses the two panels together, in combination with the special invisible glue, guarantee a solid luxury photo product for years to come.The combination of an old master such as Vincent van Gogh, Frans Hals or the great Rembrandt with this modern photo product is nothing short of spectacular.Hang a photo in plexi bondFor the hanging of this luxury photo product, photographers, companies, artists, museums and other customers usually opt for the suspension profiles de luxe. The big advantage of this is that the beautiful artwork 'floats' invisibly on the wall.But just as with plexiglass and aluminum panels, it is also possible with plexi bond to supply the panels with drill holes and spacers or panel clamps. For small panels, a plexiglass stand is often chosen.Shapes in your plexi bondOn request it is possible to deliver your plexibond photo in different shapes, for example circle, oval, star or hexagon.Plexibond is permanently suitable for outdoor use.