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Photo printed on scaffolding wood

 from 27,95
  • For inside and outside use
  • Tough and robust
  • 29 mm thick
  • up to 100x150 cm
  • With suspension brackets

Print your photo on 30 mm thick robust and sturdy scaffolding wood, suitable for indoors but also for outdoor use. The raw structure gives the picture an artistic effect. Plank width is more than 9.5 centimeters. You will receive an example of the stripes through the picture before we print! The photo print on scaffolding wood is popular for landscape photos, portrait photos, art photos, flower photos and nature photos. White is always printed. All sizes photo on wood, also large format photo on scaffolding wood!

We have chosen to provide all photos on scaffolding wood with a white white wash layer as standard. If you still want to order your photo on scaffolding wood without this layer, please contact us.

Please note: a photo on scaffolding wood is a natural product and works under the influence of humidity and temperature. The gaps between the planks can become larger/smaller due to shrinkage/expansion of the wood. Sizes may also differ due to various factors.