+Photo on wood: steigerhout, vurenhout, multiplex en houtblokken
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Photo on wood

Photo on plywood from 4,95
foto op multiplex in interieur
Photo printed on plywood. All fomats from 15x15cm up to 120x240cm single-piece, fast delivery, sunlight-resistant, sharpest price. Choose between naturel (woodlook), white wash, 10 mm thickness. Virtually no nests or rough wood parts. This makes photo on plywood very suitable for portrait photography, art photos and landscape photos.Photo on plywood info
Photo on pinewood from 25,99
foto op vurenhout
Photo printed on pinewood , sizes from 20x20cm up to 100x150cm, top quality, sharpest price. Versions: natural, white wash or 100% white. Thickness: 19mm. The nerve structure gives the woodprint a special warmth. Suitable for all interiors. Pinewood is a natural product, dimensions can vary a few centimeters.Photo on pinewood info
Photo on scaffolding wood from 70,99
zwart wit foto op steigerhout

Photo printed on scaffolding wood, suitable for outside, sizes from 20x20cm up to 100x150cm, top quality, sharpest price. White is printed along as standard. Thickness: 30mm. The nest and nerve structure give the scaffolding a robust appearance. Photo on scaffolding wood is a natural product, dimensions can vary a few centimeters.

Photo on scaffolding wood info

Wooden photo block from 18,95
houten fotoblokken

Wooden photo blocks are available 7 sizes, choose from 2 types of wood:

Birch multiplex: Built from pressed plywood, light wood structure with 'flames'. This photo block has a thickness of 4 centimeters and is suitable for indoors.

Bamboo: The structure of this exotic wood is clearly visible on the sides. The material gives a very slight characteristic bamboo structure in your photo. Thickness: 4 centimeters.

Wooden photo block info
Photo on ash wood from 18,95
foto op essenhout
The photo on ash wood has a natural look. The pressed wood has a white ground as standard, so that photos on it are perfectly reflected and any irregularities or knots in the wood are not noticeable. If you prefer to see your print printed on a natural wooden surface without white, we can do this for you on request.Photo on ash wood info
Photo on ayous wood from 69,99
foto op ayoushout
Photo on ayous wood gives every photo a special look. The grain structure of the 12 mm thick Ayous wood gives a special warmth to the print. Furthermore, 18mm and 33mm Ayous wood variants can be ordered. The shelf width of 10 centimeters is shown when ordering, so that it is clear on which lines the photo is interrupted.The photo on ayous wood is not suitable for outside, because ayous wood works outside.Photo on ayous wood info

Let your photo be printed on wood

The new trend, print your photo on wood. Printing a photo on wood is a fun way to surprise a loved one.

Types of photo on wood

There is a choice of various types and designs. There is always a sharp picture on wood offer available. photo on plywood, photo on pinewood and the wooden photo blocks are suitable for indoors, photo on scaffolding is ideally suited for outside. Photo on plywood is printed in one piece, photos on firewood and scaffolding are composed of various shelves. There is also large format photo on wood available!

During the online ordering process, the course of the shelves is clearly shown. With the picture on pinewood and plywood, there is a choice of natural (woodlook), white wash and 100% white.

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