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  • Delivery 24-48 hours!
  • Top quality CANON Pro 4000
  • Mat, gloss
  • From 3x4m up to 107x300cm, important if you want to frame the enlargement
  • Everything mechanically cut to size

Ordered by 4pm with express option = delivered the following day

Discounted photo enlargement

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Order photo print enlargements?

Enlarge and print your photo on high-quality solid photo paper. Choice of inkjet mat and gloss or Durst Lambda photo lighting mat, silk gloss and shine. The photo enlargements are highly detailed, virtually pixel free, UV resistant and 100% color proof. Photo enlargements are still extremely popular, so lets enlarge your photo! The lambda enlargements have traditionally been better known  under the name C-print, in the market of photographers and artists. The natural appearance of the image and the gridless view are unique.

Large size photo enlargements

Photo enlargements inkjet are available in all sizes from 3x4cm t/m 107x300cm. The lambda enlargements are up to 120x300cm. Please lease contact us when your desired size is not present. We add the size so that you can order your photo. Looking for a smaller size photo print, check out our photo prints.

Enlarge photo and have it processed into a photo panel of museum quality!

The very high-quality Photo Gift photo enlargements can be professionally glued to various materials in our workshop. For example, we glue photo enlargements on 1 mm solid aluminum, 3 mm dibond and 2 mm solid PVC. The photos glued to aluminum and dibond are of museum quality and suitable for hanging directly on the wall. Our online shop offers a choice of various hanging systems.

The photo glued to 2 mm PVC is an ideal photo product for framing, there are never bumps and the photo is super tight in the frame. Without a frame, this product is also ideal in combination with a mini easel, suitable for example in your windowsill or on your sideboard. But also often chosen for funeral ceremonies, the glued photo on the mini easel is stable on any surface.

You can glue your photo at Photo Gift from format 13 x 18 cm. With the photo glued to aluminum you really get something special at home!