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  • Available on forex, plexiglass, aluminum white and RV and plywood
  • 'blind' hanging system
  • Delivery time 2-4 working days
  • All sizes up to 200x300cm

Up to 25% DISCOUNT on most sold formats


A photo printed on a special shape is extremely popular! You can choose from a photo gift:

  • Heart
  • Hexagon
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Square
  • Octagram
  • Oval
  • Pentagram

It is also possible to divide your photo over several shapes, so you create a unique work of art. These are supplied including 3M adhesive strips for invisible hanging, the strips can be removed from the wall without damage to the glue if desired.

Shape material

You can order shapes on various materials. By default, a shape is printed on forex, but when ordering you can change this to aluminum (white or stainless steel top layer), plexiglass of 3mm thick or plywood.

Need help while ordering, or do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact.

Photo on hexagon

The photo on hexagon is extremely popular right now. With a photo on hexagon you can easily create a beautiful and inspiring photo wall. The photos on hexagon can be combined very nicely. The photo on hexagon are available in 4 different sizes and the hexagon is cut from a forex plate as standard. If you also want your best memories on the wall, order your photo on hexagon now!

Foto op cirkel ruit en hexagon

Photo over multiple hexagons

By dividing your photo over several hexagons, you can easily create a unique work of art. You are probably familiar with the photo on a hexagon. You can therefore also choose to divide a photo over several hexagons. Many different layouts are available. So quickly order a photo over several hexagons and create your own artwork.

Photo over multiple hexagons

Foto over meerdere hexagons

Photo on squares

The squares are also extremely popular, because of the square shape you can create a fun and personal photo wall with multiple photos on squares. Moreover, it is also easy to expand. A square has a sleek appearance and looks good in any interior. The square is available in 5 different sizes.

Foto op vierkantje

Photo over several squares

Have your photo spread over several squares, this gives a great effect. Various layouts can be ordered. For more information, see the separate & quot; photo about multiple squares & quot; page:

Photo across multiple squares

Foto over meerdere vierkanten


A photo on a diamond shape gives a nice effect to your photo. The nice thing is that you can easily hang a unique collage of diamonds on the wall. The photo printed on a diamond shape is also standard delivered on forex and is standard available in 5 sizes

Foto op een ruit vorm geprint

Photo over several panes

Have your photo spread over several panes, this also gives a great result. With a photo over several diamond shapes, you have a unique work of art on the wall. For more information, please visit:

Photo over multiple rhombuses

Foto over meerdere ruit vormen

Photo on circle

Give your photo a unique look by having your photo printed on a circle . You can also easily create a special collage of all your beautiful photos. The beauty of a photo on a circle is that you can have as many photos printed as you want. The photo on a circle is available as standard in 5 different sizes.

Foto cirkels collage

Photo over several circles

Have your photo spread over several circles. A photo over several circles gives a very special effect. For more information, please visit:

Photo over multiple circles

Foto geprint op meerdere cirkels


A photo in a heart shape is always nice to give and even more fun to receive. A heart shape photo is suitable for many occasions such as Valentine's Day, a wedding or just because you like someone.

Foto op een hart geprint