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Photo over several circles

In addition to the possibility to order circles each with a different photo, photo gift also offers the possibility to have one photo printed over several circles. This gives your photo a unique look. With one photo over several circles you can display the photo very large. This way you can easily create a playful effect through the different circles. There are 5 different sizes of circles available:

  • XS 15x15 cm
  • S 19x19 cm
  • M 23x23 cm
  • L 28x28 cm
  • XL 32x32 cm

You can also choose from no less than 240 layouts! In this way you create a beautiful work of art on the wall with one photo. The circles can be hung in many different ways and are supplied with a handy hanging system. So quickly order a photo over several circles and create your own circle collage!