Photogift scores 8,9 of 10 points
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  • Sharp high-quality print
  • Handy blind hanging system
  • Printed in one piece with grooves of your choice
  • Most modern photo on wood product
  • Fast delivery photo on wood

Up to 25% DISCOUNT on most sold formats

The photo on ash wood has a natural look. The pressed wood has a white ground as standard, so that photos on it are perfectly reflected and any knots in the wood are not noticeable.

When ordering you choose vertical or horizontal grooves, our ordering system gives an exact example of what your photo on ash wood will look like. The gap between the grooves is always 10 cm, the groove itself is 4 mm wide.

Photo on ash wood has a warm and natural look, suitable for any interior. The photo on wood can be hung invisibly floating on the wall, thanks to the suspension bracket at the rear. Because we print directly on wood, there can always be minimal imperfections in the print. This also applies to the U-grooves, which expose the wood structure and here too minimal irregularities and color differences can occur. This is also the charm of the product.
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