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Photo on ash wood 40x60 cm from 43,95 now 34,95

The photo on ash wood 40x60 cm has a natural appearance. We print directly on the wood so that the natural structure of the wood is preserved. Ash wood naturally has structure, knots and color difference. White wash ensures that the colors of the photo on the wood remain clear and vivid. White primer is applied to the wood with a white wash and the white parts of the photo remain white. Do you prefer to see the color of the wood through the image? Then you can also choose with MDF Essen to have the photo printed on the wood without white wash.

Youcan opt for vertical or horizontal grooves, our ordering system gives exactly an example of how your photo will look like on ash wood. The gap between the grooves is always 10 cm. And that for the price of 34,95.

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Shipping costs
  • The Netherlands € 8,95
  • Belgium € 8,95
  • Germany € 9,95
  • Denmark € 35,00