Photogift scores 8,9 of 10 points
out of 4173 reviews
  • Top quality
  • Print in mirror image> apply inside for a perfect look from the outside!
  • Cut shapes such as heart star circle and oval online from butterfly side
  • Easy to process
  • all sizes up to 140x300cm fast delivery
With window foil sticker material you get the best window foil at home. Also very suitable as a window sticker for shop windows or just interior windows. We print your photo or design or slogan or text or window seal in mirror image on the sticker material. With the option to print 100% white or not, you tick this during the online ordering process for your window sticker.

The material is very high-quality and easy to apply to the inside of every window, whether it is glass or cast acrylic or plexiglass, the foil is there in no time. Because the foil is behind the glass on the inside, it looks downright great from the outside. Printing in mirror image ensures that the image viewed from the outside is perfectly visible and legible (in case of texts)!

TIP: Before applying the foil, moisten the surface well with glass sex, then smooth the foil light-tight, for example with a squeegee especially for smoothing window stickers, wall stickers and car stickers.